Why Outsource Your Data Protection Officer Duties?

Because you have a dilemma. You might even call it a pain in the neck.

There is too much to do and there is never enough time.

It takes time and money to train someone to fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in your organisation. If you train an existing employee to do it, you need to take them off their main job and allow them time to do their data protection and privacy work. If you employ someone new, you need to find them an office, a desk, a computer, a phone, pay their NI and pension contributions, pay for their CPD and conferences - and their holidays.

Once you've trained them, they can leave any time they like.

As the demand for privacy professionals has never been higher there will be temptation for them to leave.

Then there's the flip side of that problem. You don't train your chosen member of staff well enough, you don't invest in the right things, they copy or listen to the wrong people and it ends up all wrong. We know it goes wrong because we can see the resulting drivel and wasted opportunity on hotel websites every day of the week.

None of which helps that pain in your neck.

Good DPOs cost a lot of money. A bad DPO can be even more expensive.

You need strong, reliable, effective advice when it comes to managing data privacy.

Yet to truly relieve this headache of yours, you need privacy management and data protection to meet your existing operation somewhere in the middle. Otherwise it's going to get messy.

Speaking of your existing operation, wouldn't it be good to have privacy advisers who really know how a business works? People who are able to connect the notions of privacy and data protection to positive business results such as finding new customers, selling them more and keeping them for longer? All that on top of doing things like data mapping, DPIAs and DSAR responses. Wouldn't something like this help with your headache?

Outsourcing with On Data Privacy

  • Makes more time
  • Adds more skill and knowledge
  • Keeps you informed
  • Removes any conflict of interest
  • Deals with the details
  • Knows what to do
  • Gets your marketing working
  • Gets you a good DPO, without all the commitment
  • Answers your questions
  • Trains your key people
  • Talks to the regulator
  • Upholds the rights of your data subjects
  • Keeps you working with the data protection principles
  • Relieves your personal data headache
  • Outsource your hotel DPO needs
  • Relieve the pain in your neck.

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