1 - Discovery

This is a packaged service which is tailored precisely to your needs.

Whether it is because of the size and complexity of your operation or because you have specific objectives you need to fulfil.

If this sounds like your situation then it's time to ask us to give you a quote.

What you get

With the Discovery programme our team will analyse the data protection and privacy management aspects of your business for two days.

They will ask you - and key members in your team - a lot of questions.

They will ask you for information about the investments and efforts you have already made and they will look at what you do from the perspective of a customer and an employee to understand how you might look to them.

They will come back to you a week later with a report of recommendations.

This report and the set of recommendations will be valuable to you regardless of who you then decide to do business with.

That value is assured because our report to you has objectivity. We know about your particular situation because we took the time to find out.

What we will do

We guarantee that after our discovery contract we are going to quote you a price.

The discovery contract will count as a credit towards your purchase of your transformation package.

We will quote you for the systems, methods, technology, training and ongoing membership proposals.

We guarantee that if we come in and carry out the recommendations in this discovery contract, if it's not done when we said it would be done or it's not done in the way we said it would be, there is a penalty on us.

We will rebate 25% of the cost of the implementation back to you.

In effect we deliver a guarantee that this will be on time, on budget.

No matter what.

The Discovery Plus Contract

Alternatively if you want an onsite appraisal of your requirements you can ask us for a Discovery Plus contract.

We agree on the fee for our team to visit your premises and carry out a two day analysis. With a report of recommendations being delivered to you one week later.

The same terms apply for Discovery Plus as noted for the Discovery contract in the paragraph above. The same standard of report, the same guarantee, the same credit against the purchase of the transformation package described in the recommendations.

To arrange your discovery quote you can start the conversation by booking a free 20 minute call with us.

2 - Transformation

The Transformation Package is the delivery of the Discovery contract.

It is particularly useful in cases where you have a specific situation, set of needs or objectives you must fulfil.

For example, you might want to engage in sophisticated marketing consent, automated data discovery across multiple properties or legal jurisdictions.

Or you may simply want to ensure that your proposed investment in data protection and privacy management matches your precise specifications.

Even if you don't know exactly what they are yet.

That's what the Transformation Package is for. It is the outcome of an initial Discovery Contract, where our specialists will analyse your business and, after one week, provide you with a report of recommendations.

These recommendations form the basis of your Transformation Package.

Each Discovery contract comes with a delivery guarantee. We will deliver what we said we would do, on budget and on time, or there is a penalty to us:

If we don't deliver as promised, we will rebate 25% of the package fee to you.

Which means you have the assurance of getting what you paid for.

The fee for your Discovery Contract can also be credited towards your Transformation package should you choose to have us implement the necessary work.

Membership is our way to help you make sure your transformed status persists. It protects the value of your investment and maintains your data protection and privacy management capabilities.

3 - Membership

  • Direct membership
  • Good Data Privacy Management
  • Better Data privacy Management
  • Private Client

4 - Training

  • Data protection & privacy awareness
  • Data protection and privacy for direct marketing

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